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Wall Prints I How High Should I hang My Art?

When hanging framed art prints, you might wonder how high up you should be hanging them? Consider these two things before making any holes in your walls:


An easy guideline for hanging art is sticking to around eye level, or about 57-63 inches off the ground. This may vary if your furniture is much taller or shorter and the distance seems odd. If that's the case, hang the framed art print around 4-8 inches above it. One of the most common beginner interior design mistakes is hanging art too far up away from the furniture.

Eye Line

Think about the space in terms of usage. For example, in a living room, you will be sitting more than standing, which can change your eye line. It might be a good idea to hang a piece lower around some furniture so that you're not craning your neck to look at it. Hanging art lower can also provide interesting vignettes in a space. 

Framed Modern Landscape Art Print

Wall Prints | 3 Colourful Art Ideas

Modern Floral

Floral artwork is in the middle of a major comeback. Instead of granny’s floral couch, abstract painted or photographed florals are a fun spin on traditional art. These framed art prints looks great in any space from a living room gallery wall to a funky office space.


These art prints are a modern digital take on old paper collages. These prints feature bold and colourful figures and objects are are littered with texture. These pieces are visually busy, so I recommend hanging them in a more minimal space, making them really stand out!

Bright Abstract

For a bold and modern addition to any space, add a colourful modern abstract. These shape or texture based pieces add lots of visual interest and can easily become a fun focal point in your space. Try to match the colours in your cushions or small decor objects around the room to the abstract to make it feel like it fits into the space.
Framed Colourful Modern Abstract Art Print in Spring Room