What is your style?


Do you like rattan? Are you strangely drawn to earth tones and find your apartment is being slowly taken over by white blankets with tassels? You're home is probably in a bohemian style. Fear not friend, this does not mean you're turning into your hippy aunt (although Susan was always a style icon), this means you've simply seen the earth tones on social media and thought to yourself that was a style that seemed easy and comfortable. I would recommend keeping your art simple and in a similar colour scheme to match your space.


Have you found you prefer less clutter? Did you immediately throw out that weird touristy junk your grandma gave you from her trip to New York? Minimalism is probably more your speed. The minimalist lifestyle is all about simplicity, less is more. It tends to be synonymous with monochromatic rooms that lend themselves to modern furnishings. Keep your artwork bold and eye catching so it finishes off an otherwise simple space.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” —Leonardo da Vinci


Maybe you read the first two options and though they seemed a little pretentious. You're space is a little less like a magazine and more like a family home. You have dishes in your sink you haven't done in two days (this is me telling you to wash them). You want to keep your home classic so it won't go out of style anytime soon. I can recommend you to use prints with classic imagery like photography or botanicals that aren't ever going to go out of fashion.