Our Process

Feri & Joon’s exclusive studio frame finishes feature beautiful new surface designs that are both vibrant and refined. We extend treatments of painting and hand foiling to the surface of each frame. Some processes are repeated at least 3 times to achieve the best results in colour density. All this works to fulfill our global vision of creating bespoke framing to beautifully reveal the full aesthetic of F&J artwork in your space. Feri & Joon sizes are mindful of modern-day spaces.

Our materials come from FSC certified facilities for traceability and chain of custody by the Rainforest Alliance.

All of our curated framing selections are produced sustainably entirely in Canada, along with our wood materials which are based from Ontario & Quebec Mills. Our base material fulfills the requirements of EPA TSCA Title VI and California Air Resources Board (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measures (ATCM).  



We include plexiglass surface in each framed print, making the prints and picture frames durable and unbreakable.