Ready for Red

As it’s that time of year, I figured it would be an appropriate time to talk about red art. Red is the colour of passion, anger and fire. When you think of the colour red, it seems like a pretty bold wall art choice, but friend, if your friend got a giant red painting for their space, wouldn’t you be impressed? It takes some guts to have statement pieces of art on your walls.

Making Red Work

If you’re feeling feisty and ready to dress up your walls (easy there Susan, it’s only a red painting), here are a few tips for making red artwork fit into your space. When using a bright red colour, I would keep the wall white, this way the bold primary colour pops against the background. For a red-violet, I would keep the wall colour cool (ex. white, indigo or plum). In terms of a red-orange, keep your wall colours warm-toned such as yellows, creams, oranges or rusty browns (crazy stuff, I know).
If you feel like a bright red is too much, why not try having some art a more toned down red such as Burgundy? This rich darker red suits darker furniture finishes and has a very classic and upscale look. No matter which red you choose, the colour red has always remained a bright and daring colour for interior design, if you’re looking for that bit of spice in your life, why not use red artwork?

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Winter Blues

Well, it’s that time of year again, the days are short and the holiday season is over. Many people tend to feel a little down this time of year. Have you been keeping up with your New Years resolutions (come on Susan you’ve only been to the gym twice, you can’t quit now).
This is the perfect time of the year to spruce up your space. As many people are working from home right now, why not tackle your home office? It’s time to take control of that seasonal depression and start fresh.
This time of the year, I recommend a couple of different colours to brighten up your space. I recommend decorating with yellow, creams or your favourite colour. Why not give your space a touch of sunshine? I don’t know where you live reader, but here it’s been quite grey recently. Whether you want to go full bright tropical art, or simply a soft yellow, try to add some colour. After all the whites, greens and reds from the holiday decorations, it’s about time you chose something different.
Next, try to rearrange your space. I know this might sound really simple, but even small changes like shifting your lamp to the other side of the desk can really make an interior feel fresh. Take some time to make your work space a little more productive and new. Home offices don’t have to be boring, you can a little more playful with them. Now, stop reading this post and please clean up that pile of paper that’s been sitting on your desk for the past month.

Am I Bold Enough With My Art Choices?

Happy Tuesday dear reader, how has your week been (that bad huh?). This week’s topic is a little bit abstract. Making bold art choices can be hard for anyone (especially you Susan, you really need to stop buying more desaturated ocean paintings).
Art is one of those strange indefinable things that everyone can appreciate, but no one can agree what is considered “art”. I would argue that “Fountain” by Marcel Duchamp is just a urnal (if you blissfully never took art history, please save yourself from googling the Dada art movement). Now, there is a strong line between a ripping a urnal off the wall and a bold and fresh piece of artwork.
 Everyone’s home decor is different, so the art in your space is going to vary depending on your own taste. If you’re wondering if your art is dramatic enough, ask yourself several questions: first, are you buying an adventures piece of art just to say I have modern taste in artwork? Secondly do you want this piece of artwork to blend into the environment to be a statement piece? Finally, what type of art do you gravitate towards? Many people will make the mistake of investing in a daring print because they think their space is a little boring, but the bright red abstract isn’t even something they particularly like.
In general friend, I will recommend to you if you want your artwork to stand out, try to use a complimentary colour to your decor or a bright and saturated piece to really stand out. A bold piece of art can be something that is colourful, patterned, political or an eye-catching design. Being an adventurous art collector simply means that you own artwork at draws the eyes and stands out.

Cabin Fever

Happy New Years dear reader! With 2020 coming to a close, and a new round of lockdowns starting, you may be finding yourself with a strong case of cabin fever. The only prescription (no it’s not more cowbell) is to get out of your house.
I would recommend visiting a cabin or cottage if you can. Getting away from the city life can be a breath of fresh air. Maybe while you’re at your cabin, take some time to re-decorate. Cabin decorations should be soothing as they’re in a vacation home. Whether you would prefer lots of wood and neutral colours or a more modern take on cottage life, decor can really change your mood. For me, re-decorating and changing my space can lift my mood wonders. Even small changes like moving furniture around can alter the feel and look of a space dramatically.
With a new year beginning, remember to take some time for yourself (your pile of paperwork can wait another day, its already been on your desk for a week anyways Susan). I hope your holidays were healthy and happy, and your 2021 is a little brighter.

Mismatched Frames

Now that the holidays are coming to a close (and so is your food coma), it’s time to put up that new piece of art that your aunt gave you. Aunt Agnes has given you a picture you actually really like (we’re all surprised), the only problem is the frame doesn’t really match anything else you have on your walls. This leaves you with several different choices friend.
Yes, you can just paint over it, maybe  with a black, white or a simple metallic to fit with the rest of your decor. Just remember when using a paint on a wood frame, first sand the frame so that it gives the paint something to stick to. Second, I recommend using natural oil paints as they expand and contract with the changes of temperatures on the wood. You can also use latex or acrylic paints.
Keep the mismatched vibe. If you have a more eclectic style, it can actually look really good to have some mismatched frames (it can add some texture and interest to a gallery wall). If you’re going to have conflicting frames, try to keep them all different. If you only have one that's different, it will seem like a mistake, but if you have all different frames, this will seem like a fun and funky design choice.
Lastly, you can always have it re-framed. If your space has all modern black frames, or is in a specific design aesthetic that doesn’t match the frame, just switch it out. With modern framing stores nowadays, it’s pretty easy to have it done. There are a ton of new framing options out there, whether you want glass or acrylic, a simple or ornate frame, the options are out there.

A Scandinavian Christmas

Happy holidays dear reader! No matter what you celebrate, this time of year is filled with light and laughter. For many, this is the time to decorate for the Christmas season. With the rise in popularity of the nordic/scandinavian decoration style, you may be looking for scandi decoration ideas. If you find yourself in that situation (or if you’re a little bored), I have some tips for you.

Colour Scheme

When trying to achieve that Scandinavian style Christmas look, stick to mostly white, grey, woods, and pops of red and greens. In general, stick to a white base, then add some neutral and bright accents. This means staying aways from flashy metallics or cheesy sparkly decor (I am straight up banning those blow up lawn decorations, no one needs a giant creepy Santa on their lawn)


After some deep Pinterest diving (that website is pandora’s box), I have found three important elements to add to your space. The first being natural elements such as real garlands or sprigs of pine in a neutral vase. Scandi decor really focuses more on the outside, so make sure to include either fake or real greenery of some kind. The second is nordic/scandi patterns. There are some beautiful red, blue, green and white folk patterns all over the scandal decor. An easy way to include pattern is through stockings or on cookies. No nordic decor would be complete without the third and final decor element, hygge. This means simply coziness, make sure to include some comfy blankets and pillows. So reader, make sure to curl up by a fire with a steaming mug and a good book. Wishing you all a hygge and healthy holiday this year.