Now that the holidays are coming to a close (and so is your food coma), it’s time to put up that new piece of art that your aunt gave you. Aunt Agnes has given you a picture you actually really like (we’re all surprised), the only problem is the frame doesn’t really match anything else you have on your walls. This leaves you with several different choices friend.
Yes, you can just paint over it, maybe  with a black, white or a simple metallic to fit with the rest of your decor. Just remember when using a paint on a wood frame, first sand the frame so that it gives the paint something to stick to. Second, I recommend using natural oil paints as they expand and contract with the changes of temperatures on the wood. You can also use latex or acrylic paints.
Keep the mismatched vibe. If you have a more eclectic style, it can actually look really good to have some mismatched frames (it can add some texture and interest to a gallery wall). If you’re going to have conflicting frames, try to keep them all different. If you only have one that's different, it will seem like a mistake, but if you have all different frames, this will seem like a fun and funky design choice.
Lastly, you can always have it re-framed. If your space has all modern black frames, or is in a specific design aesthetic that doesn’t match the frame, just switch it out. With modern framing stores nowadays, it’s pretty easy to have it done. There are a ton of new framing options out there, whether you want glass or acrylic, a simple or ornate frame, the options are out there.
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