Do you have that one family member that’s impossible to shop for? Maybe they’ve just moved into a new house. Why not surprises them with a piece of art? Well reader, art can be a great surprise gift - who expects a piece of art for Christmas?
When buying art for someone, consider their taste. What colours are their space, are they more traditional or modern, is there already art in the space - if so, what type of frame do they prefer? It’s important to take this all into account when purchasing art for someone. Art can be very subjective, so people often avoid it as a gift (which is a big missed opportunity). I find even people who already have some art on their wall tend to get tired of it and want to switch it out (but it’s not always the kind of thing they would buy for themselves). Try to sneakily take stock of the art they already own and match the new piece and frame to it.
Reader, if you’re really stuck on what type of art to give that person, start with simply getting them a neutral print in a colour scheme that fits their space. I would keep the subject matter simple such as a landscape, botanical or photography. Art is the kind of gift that seems quite personal and thought out (perfect if you’re looking to go that extra mile).
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