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4 Frame Options for Modern Art

Feri and Joon offers four distinct frame options to suit any space, made with sustainably sourced Canadian wood.


Whether you’re wanting to add a bohemian or Scandinavian style print, maple frames are hugely popular. These paler woods are perfect for more neutral or paler spaces. I would recommend this frame to anyone looking for a lighter wood option.


Black wood frames are a classic. These sleek and modern frames fit perfectly into a minimalist or contemporary room. Black frames are not likely to go out of style anytime soon. If you’re looking for a dramatic frame to add to a white wall, go for black.


A slightly different option for modern and minimalists alike. White wood frames are a clean, polished looking frame choice. If you have white or coloured walls, but don’t want a dramatic frame, go for a white frame.


Our grey frame is a darker natural look for your art print. If you’re more of a traditionalist with darker wood furniture, I would go for this option. Our grey frame suits traditional and woodsier spaces. This frame also suits a Scandinavian style interior perfectly. 


Cabin Fever

Happy New Years dear reader! With 2020 coming to a close, and a new round of lockdowns starting, you may be finding yourself with a strong case of cabin fever. The only prescription (no it’s not more cowbell) is to get out of your house.
I would recommend visiting a cabin or cottage if you can. Getting away from the city life can be a breath of fresh air. Maybe while you’re at your cabin, take some time to re-decorate. Cabin decorations should be soothing as they’re in a vacation home. Whether you would prefer lots of wood and neutral colours or a more modern take on cottage life, decor can really change your mood. For me, re-decorating and changing my space can lift my mood wonders. Even small changes like moving furniture around can alter the feel and look of a space dramatically.
With a new year beginning, remember to take some time for yourself (your pile of paperwork can wait another day, its already been on your desk for a week anyways Susan). I hope your holidays were healthy and happy, and your 2021 is a little brighter.

Introducing Feri and Joon

 Our Mission

We bring modern and minimalist inspired art to a wider audience while keeping the price affordable and the operation sustainably sourced. We use only high-quality, FSC-marked material and use Eco-Certified MDF and sustainably sourced Canadian Wood. We want to make modern art attainable.



Who is Feri and Joon?

Maybe you stumbled across us through social media, or maybe a genie granted you a wish and brought you here when you asked to have a magazine worthy home. However you got here, I would like to give you a hearty welcome. Feri and Joon is a new and small retail art company bringing you a unique curated selection of modern iconic framed art prints.



"We work around-the-clock to curate an exclusive collection of classic designs from upcoming and established artists from around the world to create products for modern homes and interiors."


Our Artwork

We source artists all over the world, bringing you the best variety of iconic prints. Our collection spans all the way from botanicals to minimalist shape art. We study current trends, colour palettes and art styles to give you a modern and clean print that will match any interior.