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Fine Art Pairs in Every Style

It takes skill to decorate a blank wall with artwork. At Feri and Joon, we make this job easier by offering fine art pairs ranging from bold colours to subtle earth tones. We have put together a collection of art pairs ranging from modern to Scandinavian art. These art pairs and sets are customizable in size and frame finish to match your interior elements. Feri and Joon art pairs are made in Canada and printed on quality paper. We include a plexiglass (no glass) surface in each framed print, making the art pairs shatterproof and durable. Our affordable prices, ready-to-hang art pairs, and high-quality prints make it simpler to follow trends and enjoy art in your home, office or interior space.

What makes us different?

At Feri and Joon you can expect accessible and affordable art pairs and sets without compromising on quality and design. Most poster stores only offer prints. At Feri and Joon you can not only find beautiful, exclusive designs but save yourself the time and hassle of framing your art, as all of our art pairs are sold framed.


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Art Prints and Sets in many styles and looks

Every house has its own distinct style and concept. Whatever style you prefer, we are confident that we have art pairs that will capture your eye.


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Customize your Art Pair

Every wall is unique. We enable you to customize the size and frame finish of each art pair to best complement the theme and space of your area. Take a look at the design components that are under your control below:

Print Size: Select an arrangement that best fits your available wall space. Many sizes are available including: 8"x10", 10"13", 16"20", 20"x28", and 24"x36".
Frame Finish: Select an arrangement that best fits your available wall space. Many finishes are available including: maple, black, white, and grey.


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Sustainable Art Pairs

Our materials come from FSC certified facilities for traceability and chain of custody by the Rainforest Alliance. All of our art pairs and sets are produced sustainably entirely in Canada, along with your wood materials which are based from Ontario & Quebec Mills. Our base material fulfills the requirements of EPA TSCA Title VI and California Air Resources Board (CARV) Airborne Toxic Control Measures (ATCM).