Karla Hyman

Wall Prints | Karla Hyman

Karla grew up in Cape Town, a city surrounded by nature that amalgamates and fosters all types of creativity. Her early years she spent in art classes and by the ocean, where rock formations, beaches and extraordinary natural color tones were absorbed.
The next creative step was her degree in Fashion Design where she grew into illustrations in gauche, oil paint and charcoal, unearthing her love for organic shapes and the female form. Karla then continued to live on two different continents, travelling Asia, and Europe. Both of which offered her numerous, almost endless, sources of inspiration. From the great archeological sites to the shores, everywhere she looked she found patterns, textures and shapes that inspired. Nature has been here; someone has been here. Today, Karla spends her days working as a Creative Director of a Dutch product design company and her evenings as an uninhibited artist, the sources of creativity endless and the application thereof, ever growing. It is the accumulation of her creative experiences and adoration of places, things and feelings that led to her distinct style – contemporary abstract art that is meaningful and memorable. Her art captures the soft colors of the Croatian ruins, the haphazard perfectly placed boulder in the Atlantic Ocean, exquisitely tiled antique Grecian floors. Minimal, often obscure snippets of extraordinary things. Yet, most prints are rooted to a deeper meaning, often a reminder of the normalcy of it all, the beauty in aging, the delicacy of nature. Karla’s art process changes as often as her subject, but mostly she starts by taking photographs. After that it's a soft and playful pace at which she experiments with patterns and the minimization of a core thought. Most of her works are made in free hand and free mind, not inhibited by the result, but rather inspired by it.