Ewa Matyja

Ewa Matyja, born in Poland in 1985, has woven a rich tapestry of experiences from her extensive travels across Europe, America, and Asia. Her diverse background, spanning over a decade in sales and fashion, laid the groundwork for a profound pivot in her career trajectory. In 2016, she turned her lifelong fervor for art into a full-time vocation.

Ewa's artistry has flourished since she stepped away from the corporate realm, with her works gracing the walls of solo exhibitions at notable Polish venues like Drukarnia Sklad Chleba i Wina, AirHair Studio, and Alchemik Studio. Her artistic voice has also resonated through group exhibitions and prestigious platforms such as COMEL in Italy, The Other Art Fair in New York and London, and Minute16 in Berlin, along with prominent art fairs and festivals.

Her commitment to her art is evident in the compelling quality of her work, which continues to earn her recognition as an emerging talent in the international art scene.

As a self-taught artist, my journey is one of perpetual self-challenge and boundary-pushing within the realm of abstract expression. Art, for me, is not just an act but a voyage into the depths of experience—each brushstroke is a narrative of the vivid emotions and inherent chaos embedded in our everyday existence.

Drawing inspiration from the world around me, I blend traditional mediums with unconventional materials and techniques to craft textured, three-dimensional works that are as unique as they are evocative. My process is dynamic, allowing a multitude of pieces to evolve in conversation with one another, capturing the essence of spontaneity where every mark is intentional and every piece, a step towards the extraordinary.

Pieces by Artist