As it’s that time of year, I figured it would be an appropriate time to talk about red art. Red is the colour of passion, anger and fire. When you think of the colour red, it seems like a pretty bold wall art choice, but friend, if your friend got a giant red painting for their space, wouldn’t you be impressed? It takes some guts to have statement pieces of art on your walls.

Making Red Work

If you’re feeling feisty and ready to dress up your walls (easy there Susan, it’s only a red painting), here are a few tips for making red artwork fit into your space. When using a bright red colour, I would keep the wall white, this way the bold primary colour pops against the background. For a red-violet, I would keep the wall colour cool (ex. white, indigo or plum). In terms of a red-orange, keep your wall colours warm-toned such as yellows, creams, oranges or rusty browns (crazy stuff, I know).
If you feel like a bright red is too much, why not try having some art a more toned down red such as Burgundy? This rich darker red suits darker furniture finishes and has a very classic and upscale look. No matter which red you choose, the colour red has always remained a bright and daring colour for interior design, if you’re looking for that bit of spice in your life, why not use red artwork?
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